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Human and Social Biology

Welcome to Human and Social Biology! Human Biology is the study of the structure and functions of the human body, and Social Biology uses biological principles and knowledge to try to explain how people live with each other, their behaviour and how they affect their environment, including other organisms.

The subject here is divided into four main sections: Organisms and the environment, Life processes, Disease and its impact on humans, and Impact of human practices on the environment. Other topics to do with the structure and functions of the human body can be found in the Biology sections of this website.

These topics have great relevance to important current issues. Try to relate them to issues in the press or on television which the students will know about. The local environment provides a great resource for social biology topics, and it is important to relate lessons to the students' environment.

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All practical work must be carried out safely in order to avoid injury or damage. Safety notices are provided in each of the lesson plans where appropriate, and they are indicated with a yellow triangle like this. 

In this section

  • Organisms and the environment

    Living things do not exist separately from their environment. In studying biology, it is not enough to analyse individual organisms to understand how they work. They need to be seen in the context of their environment, and this section provides a range of activities allowing students to do this.

  • Life processes

    The important life processes were looked at in the Biology section but here we look at some of these processes in more detail, and also look at their social context more thoroughly.

  • Disease and its impact on humans

    Disease is an important aspect of the interaction between humans and their environment – both inanimate and biological. Human bodies function best when healthy and it is important for students to know what causes disease and what they can do to prevent disease, both for themselves and their families.

  • Impact of human practices on the environment

    Our health is affected by our environment, so the way that we manage our environment impacts on our health. The lessons in this section look at the ways that we are affecting our environment, and the ways we are trying to manage and sustain the environment by providing clean water and arranging proper disposal of sewage and waste.